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Good Friday by Cowboy Junkies

Sat at my window watched the world wake up this morning
Purple sky slowly turning golden,
distant elms so orange you’d swear they’re burning

All this flowing water has got my mind wandering
Do you ever finally reach a point of knowing
or do you just wake up one day and say I am going?

What will I tell you when you ask me why I’m crying?
Will I point above at the Red Tail gracefully soaring
or down to below where its prey is quietly trembling?

Two thousand years ago Jesus is left is left there hanging
Purple sky slowly turning golden
Cowards at his feet loudly laughing
Loved ones stumbling homeward their worlds reeling
Red Tail above my head quietly soaring
Water turns from ice, creek is roaring
He says enough of all this shit, I am going

Good Friday by Cowboy Junkies

 live performance