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C.H. Dodd on scripture and history

When we begin to search for the principle of unity [in the Bible], the first thing we observe is that the whole of the varied material is strung upon a thread which consists of narrative.  This narrative gives a kind of `calvacade’ of human life through many centuries, beginning in the cloudy realms of myth and legend, and emerging into straightforward history.
C.H. Dodd
The Bible Today

Kierkegaard on Riches

Riches and abundance come hypocritically clad in sheep’s clothing pretending to be security against anxieties, and they become then the object of anxiety … they secure a man against anxieties just about as well as the wolf which is put to tending the sleep secures them … against the wolf.

Soren Kierkegaard, Christian Discourses (1848)

[courtesy  Peace Hill Christian Fellowship]